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Because I know you guys are just SO CURIOUS AS TO WHAT I WAS UP TO.


Birthday Blabber

Had an awesome birthday party that involved watching Angel Beats and crying bitter tears at the end, as usual! Because only those who have no souls do not cry at that show. Still, it was fun to watch it in a group, even if some of the subs were cut off because my TV isn't widescreen a-ahahaha...

Obligatory loot list!

-Pokémon Black
-9 pack of Pocky
-Totoro cellphone strap
-Star origami paper
-Two adorable pencils that are adorable
-Custom-made Jinkuro (Muramasa: The Demon Blade) plushes; one is "on fire" and the other is just a round spirit blob. So awesome.
-Golden Sun: The Lost Age
-$175 from my grandmother and parents

At this rate, I'll actually have money to spend on myself at Sakura-con :'D

Speaking of Sakura-con, I should really, really get to work on that wig. All I need to do is make the hair wefts and tie them in, but... actually doing that is the problem, ffff. Ah well. I suppose I'll just have to suck it up and make a trip to the costume room and borrow a sewing machine on one of my free days.


Top Ten Anime OST Meme

What's that? Journals are meant for writing in? Nonsense, they are clearly made for posting memes forever.


... Yeah I am basically a sucker for strings. Oh well.

It also took me forever to realize the Brave Story OST was by a group that collaborated in music for The Matrix as well GO ME.

Aaaaand off to classes I go!
So I think everyone knows that there was a tsunami that hit Japan. Currently the Salvation Army is accepting donations to help bring relief to the victims. You can donate through Yahoo.

I know there are other artists doing this, and I would like to try to help in my own little way, too. For that reason, I will be accepting portrait commissions, with the proceeds going to the Salvation Army. Some examples of my art can be found at MirielleChan and Melody-Of-Logic @Deviantart.com

Price listings:

$3 for a head only image.
$5 for a waist-up OR a chibi.
$10 for a full-body image. [x]

Please note that these are, for now, single-person portraits. They can however be any character, original or fandom-related (although if it is from a fandom, reference pictures are appreciated. For OCs, a description is fine as well). It can be digital or traditional - up to you. Also, due to my scanner being as it is, colored traditional works will probably be washed out.

I will not be able to send any original pieces physically to commissioners unless I happen to know you in person.

Also, you will need a credit or debit card, because I don't know any way to do this other than transferring through pay-pal accounts. If anyone can enlighten me on better methods, please tell me!

I will try to post actual examples at some point.

Script Frenzy!

Is in April! I'm thinking I'll participate. It's like NaNoWriMo, except in April and with a script for a movie or a play or a graphic novel. I'll probably try for the graphic novel because COMICS ARE COOL and honestly I'm sorta interested in trying to write one.

I even have a script writing program because of class! And it's really easy and almost entertaining to use! Yay.

All I have to do for class is write up my evaluations, which is due on Monday when I meet with my teacher for the last time. I'm gonna try to get it done as soon as possible so I can just goof off until Monday and go home early or something. I guess I should work on icons and such as much as possible before I get my computer in the shop to get the drive fixed, too...

Also I have to register at 8AM tomo-... Today! It stinks. I'll probably whine about it on Plurk before going to sleep again. I'm hoping to get into a class about Japanese writers/film study, with a class on drawing animals being my second choice and a class on creative nonfiction being my third.

...Yup! That's about it! And back to watching Evangelion, woooo.


Voice Acting Meme!


Give me something to voice, and I will record it at some point when my roommate isn't around! It can be anything from anime, manga, video games, books, RP, movies, music, or just random stuff you want me to say I guess. Because I reeeeeeally want to put that professional recording equipment to use, guys >:

Also it's snowing! For those of you who don't know, that means society around here is pretty much going to frozen hell because WE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS SNOW STUFF. Which is funny because we seem to get it at least once a year...

Sadly, I'm mostly concerned that cosplay club isn't going to happen tomorrow as a result, and uh. I really want to get that fabric for my costume, but I don't know enough sewing mojo to know what is good fabric or bad fabric to use. Bleh.

Also, RP stuff! I am considering characters for Route. So far, I'm mostly considering young!Asuma from Hibiki's Magic or Beaux from Atelier Annie. I'd also consider Kino from Kino's Journey, except there's currently a reserve, so eh. Dunno if I could even get a good muse for 'em anyway.

...Same with Kousuke Asadzuki from Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning. If I could muse him, he'd be a possibility, except playing him basically anywhere is kind of complicated and I'd need to reread all his canon. Pffft. I will not lie, a major contributing factor to wanting to play him is totally how he tries to be evil, but... if anyone super smart got on his case it would turn to extreme fail. Unfortunately, this will probably never happen because playing Blade Children solo almost never seems to work out well but IT IS A DREAM...

And hey look at the time I should go get lunch before it closes.

I have friends now what is this

Um. So uh, hello to all peoples who were kind enough to friend me from route_29! I am not especially interesting but I hope we can be good friends anyway ;w; I don't post to my journal super often, but if anyone has a Plurk and is interested in receiving a spamton of plurks as I go through my day I'm over there as well I guess if anyone cares...

Anywhoo. Went to ChibiChibicon, which is my campus' miniconvention thing held by the anime, video game, and cosplay clubs. Didn't get to participate much as a volunteer because I can't really attend anime club this quarter since they meet mostly on Tuesdays which is, as luck would have it, the day of the week I'm busy with class stuff from 11AM to 9PM. Video game club I never actually attended because the timing was sucky for the last quarter and I'm... not really much into shooters which they seem to play a lot, and cosplay club I was just too busy for the two weeks they actually started talking about the convention. So it kinda stank.

But, on the bright side, I got to just wander around with Allan and play Dance Maniax like some kind of crazy rhythm game addict. My arms are going to be super sore tomorrow (or later today, rather) as a result, but who cares, I got to dance like a silly person for a video game.

Also, there were some cosplays that included Homestuck, Yume Nikki and Hollow Fields. What is this I don't even. Especially Hollow Fields! Who even knows Hollow Fields?!


Yup. Speaking of cosplay, I get to go fabric shopping on Monday with the club in an effort to create a robe for this. I am super excite.


So it has been decided that a temporary traveling team consisting of Kino from Kino's Journey, Ginko from Mushishi, and Kraft Lawrence from Spice and Wolf would actually be kind of amusing and therefore this needs to happen in museboxes or something at some point just because.

Also lately I've been finding I really want to RP various muses, but 1. I don't have time to place them all in games and 2. I'm still not sure if I have a great grasp on their voices. I kind of wanna musebox everyone, but I'm also scared of just doing a billion musebox posts one after another D: Sigh. Still, it'd be fun to play Hiyuu... or Asuma... Or maybe even Miiko... Among others.

Ah well. It is 4AM so I suppose I should probably be sleeping instead of writing LJ posts and reading Pokémon Special. Meep.

Dec. 25th, 2010

List is incomplete because Void screwed up and I didn't get Sheepy's present as a result ): Also I haven't had the chance to exchange gifts with some of my friends, so.

-$25 Visa gift card!
-Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep!
-$10 iTunes gift card!
-Starbucks gift card for some unknown amount because god forbid I have less than $30 to the most famous coffee shop despite not drinking coffee! (I will love these when I need food randomly I'm sure).
-New digital camera to replace my old one of 8 years!
-A package of popcorn!
-A mega sticker of Flandre with the words "I play on Lunatic Mode!" even though I don't!
-$10 Barnes and Noble gift card!
-2 prepaid tickets to AMC theaters!
-$20 Best Buy gift card!
-Adobe CS4!!!!

Had lots of fun with both sides of the family! And... now I am all tuckered out x_x;;;;


Boring post about boring stuff

So! Been kind of busy what with presents and last minute Christmas/holiday cards, but those are done now so yay. That said, anyone who asked for one should receive them in the mail... sometime! Unless you don't. In which case please tell me and I swear I will find the Staples nearest my dorm and make you up a brand new card and gift I'm sorry sob.

Anyway, other stuff that I haven't really talked about much because cards take me forever to do:

-That one video of the Aki-con dance got over 1,000 views in a month, so Youtube pinged us about setting up a sponsored account. We're probably not going to do it because that would require posting stuff regularly, which we don't really have time for, but KimSUN (who is basically the group leader, which is why she was the one cosplaying Haruhi for it) is really excited about it. She wants to have the three of us post Youtube videos and the like, proooobably of more dances, so uh. Who knows. Maybe Youtube will get more videos of Dani being a terrible dancer that you can all laugh at forever. On the bright side, it should be fun to hang out with those two more, so whatever.

-On the RP front, duuuuuuuuude. I have been. So fail at activity lately pfffft. Except for museboxing stuff I guess. Which reminds me, I will probably musebox Asuma from Hibiki's Magic sometime so you should all tag that when it happens unless you don't want to because... th-that's cool too... I guess...

-The new Twelve Kingdoms book is out B| I want it, but alas I need to really not spend money on things because I kind of overdid it for Christmas. Oops.

-Going to see the 2nd Eva movie in January! And then Video Games Live the day after! And then Summer Wars the weekend after that! I am super excited guys you have no idea. I-It's not like going to the movies costs THAT MUCH so it should be okay right? Right?

And... that's about it. My life is lame, yup.
Had a bit of a scare with my laptop earlier when it refused to let me log in. Um. Stuff happened, and my laptop no longer has a bunch of programs, including Microsoft Word 2003, Paint Shop Pro X, Lexmark (aka my printer) and most likely my tablet software. It also got others that I am currently redownloading - MSN, Ad Aware, and iTunes.

It's kind of a pain.

But on the bright side, my computer liiiiiiiiives so I will celebrate that much. And I also have most of the installation disks with me except for Microsoft Word, so I should be able to fix things alright. I just have one paper left to write, and Google Documents should suffice.

And now for a list of plans because these obviously keep me doing what I'm supposed to (spoilers they don't):

- Write teacher evaluation
- Clean dorm
- Scan pictures for icons

And over break specifically:

- Play Golden Sun
- Work on Tokyo Majin AMV
- Draw stuff to fill up DevArt account (...)
- Work on Christmas/holiday cards (which are still open for anyone on my F-list)
- Finish Persona freaking Four.
- Get Christmas presents for everyone ahhhhh
- Maybe set up an Angel Beats marathon or something I dunno
- Canon review Tegami Bachi again why do you do this to me Mayfield.

Watch me do like. Half of these. Because I am lame and suck at actually doing what I tell myself I have to.

In hindsight, taking a nap at around 9~10PM was probably not the best idea, but there's not much I can do about that now. I GUESS I WILL JUST HAVE TO USE MY EXTREME AWAKEFULNESS TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES.
Hey guys.

If I ever so much as mention drawing icons for any character that is not an OC, please punch me.

Poor Carona. This wouldn't be a problem if people actually liked her enough to make art of her, but people don't so I get to make terrible ones of my own instead. Blah.

I really can't wait till break! Then I will write up my OC's background in full and finish drawing/toning his icons (...sob) and after that I will be free to draw whatever I want and it will be great. Also just. Hanging out with friends and stuff. Maybe I'll finally get to give a friend his souvenir from Aki-con!

...Also, Christmas presents. I need to get those. And work on Christmas cards. Which you people should TOTALLY ASK ME FOR because I am still aiming to send out more letters this year than the last! Currently, I am three behind last year! This is so not cool and only you can help remedy it.

I have also figured out postage and am willing to mail a few internationally because it's Christmas and thus a time for happiness and joy and stupid cards from silly people like me so yeah.

...Why am I still trying to make sense at 3:20 AM?
Memes all over Plurk, and memes all over LJ. I am such a terribly interesting person.

Ask me about any of my roleplay characters, and I will pick one of the following and tell you:

(a) Three facts about them from my personal fanon.
(b) A reason they're amazing.
(c) Five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
(d) Three people that I might ship that character with and why.

Now to return to life full of group project, term paper, Golden Sun and RP. Also sleep. Sleep is good. I should get some of that.
It's November 29th and I need to be a very good and patient girl and wait until Saturday. I have a lot of things I should do today, like vacuum the room and check over my essays and read for class. I should not go to the mall, and even if I did I very shouldn't drop by the game store.

Today is my last free day before classes begin and by the time I would actually have a decent amount of time to just go to the mall and wander/buy things, it would probably already be Friday and then I might as well just wait until Saturday so Allan can be nice and trade me off a copy for a little bit cheaper.

Also I guess now would be an extremely good time to stop watching the Golden Sun club on DeviantArt so I don't get spoilered forever.

...Today is going to be a very, very long day.

Angst Angst Angst

Hi I'm Dani and I hate today and I want it to be over with so I can start tomorrow happily or something.

Here is why, now in easily skippable format because who cares it's just some whining whatever.Collapse )

And now back to your daily scheduled Dani being spazzily happy moe or something I dunno. I'm just going to call this my Freshman Day, because apparently whenever Dani is a freshman there is one day when everything that could possibly go wrong does and after that things are slightly better and less everything-comes-crashing-down-painfully.



Give me something to voice, and I will record it at some point when my roommate isn't around do it!

Anyone? 8D

...n-no really does anyone even want to hear me try sob.

Hey look it's like 2 AM

But it's okay because I don't have to do anything class wise till noon. Yaaaaaay college. Letting me get away with crazy sleep schedules somewhat!

So like. All of the sudden, I'm doing icons for a bunch of characters. Currently it's coloring ones for the lovely Mireille (see icon used), but I've been poking around a little for a Carona sprite sheet so I can get some icons for her too in the case that I actually pick her up somewhere. 'Cause. Yay for playing bitter canon(?) AUs of characters you already play?

And I need to add tones to the drawings I've got of a couple of OCs before I can turn those into icons, too. Meep. Though, I don't actually have the profile of the one I actually want to app handy, so uh, Poe? That's. Probably going to have to wait till November just because all the world info is on my old computer XD;;

...Yeah, I mostly just wanted an excuse to use this icon. Uncle Ginko, are you sure you wanna look out for this kid? She may be young, but she's kind of a handful.

*scoots off to sleep*

Dum dee dum

Aki-con was fun! And by Aki-con I mean Saturday because I only really got to do stuff on that day. Friday was all dance contest and somehow the video is already online but god why. We didn't win, but a lot of people enjoyed it, so that's good. Also our competition stuck up for us when one of the judges was about to get on our case for not having much energy in the dance, as only one person (the Haruhi of our Haruhi, Yuki, Mikuru trio) was smiling. Mikuru was lookin' distressed and I was looking blank. Trying to be in character, you see.

Which, now that I think about it, makes me regret that the video doesn't have what's probably the best part of the dance aka when we were walking up on stage in character and not actually dancing because Dani sucks at dancing but whatever. It was fun!

Saturday involved seeing androidia and buying cute Cooro and Lag keychains from her because she is awesome and draws my fandoms eeeee. Also checked out the dealer's room! Got Allan an FMA pocket watch and he got me a very squishy kitty plushie that I can and have used as a pillow already. So soft~ We also got a more steampunky pocket watch for a friend, a Haruhi Suzumiya shirt for myself and a Laughing Man logo shirt for Allan. Wanted to get a set of spiffing awesome headphones, but alas they were sold out. I'll just have to buy them the next time I go to Kinokuniya... but only if they have them in those colors 'cause I'm a picky little butt =X

Played Dance Maniax! That game would be why my arms are so sore right now. Oh man so much pain. But so much fun. There's a lot of people who do more dance-like things when playing that game, but it was still seriously fun just sticking to the hand motions alone. Whee!

And... just random stuff I guess. Made an account for Carona because I am silly and played a little Another Marona today. It needs to stop seeming like an entertaining idea to app her somewhere. Especially if that place is like route_29 where I used to play Marona.


I've also been thinking more and more of getting a new Deviantart account. I've had MirielleChan since I was like... 12 or 13 years old. And I have honestly grown to really dislike that username. The only thing really holding me back is rewatching all of the people I watch - which is 838 people according to my stat page. Which is a buttload to rewatch hnnng.

Also Disgaea 3 is super fun and Knights of the Crystals has consumed my soul. Yay life.


So I guess I have a plurk now. Yup, I am weak.


1. Styling a wig is difficult and terrifying.
2. Altering clothes is also terrifying. But less difficult.
3. Especially once one remembers how to use a sewing machine.
4. Also, it's kind of cool to finally alter a piece of clothing so it actually resembles what you're trying to emulate through cosplay.
5. I hate skirts.
6. Skirts are chilly and not advisable in rain.
9. Pink skirts embroidered with flowery lace are so not my style, even Allan prefers me in pants.
10. But I will probably wear many more skirts in the future for cosplay reasons.
11. I really like dim sum.
12. I also really miss soy bean drink.
13. Lists are fun.
14. Yuki from the Disappearance of Yuki Nagato is one of the cutest characters who have ever cuted.
15. Ryoko Asakura from the same series is one of the awesomest Team Moms.
16. I kind of want to try playing her...
17. Dani's brain fries at approximately 3:30 AM.
18. Which is now.
19. It is Halloween.
20. How to Train Your Dragon on Halloween = cute coolness.

Happy creepy day. Make sure to eat lots and lots of sweets and things!

And now for meme

Did I mention that tonight is spam night? Because it is.


my thread

Super Chatquest the RPG TAKE THREE

Hey guys remember that old Super Chatquest thing from like forever ago that I was going to do but never actually finished?


Oh. Well. Um.


I kind of went and did the rest of the peoples so if you are like somewhat still interested in this ancient thing I guess you can read it or something I mean it's only been like four months so...

The timeline is also officially screwed up because I don't remember who was where was what when I first started this. So. Look forwards to everyone being everywhere ever! Yaaaay!

Super Chatquest the RPG ~Fall Song~Collapse )

Aaaaaaaand I am now calling this project DONE because I am pretty sure I've gotten everyone who was interested! Unless I didn't. If that's the case, and you also don't happen to mind waiting the six months I'm sure it would take me to draw you up, tell me in the comments! If you prefer any specific class/weapon/WHATEVER, include that as well!

Also yay for crappy hats on random people because I could. And desperately trying to make Ayame look nothing like her real self whatsoever.

Oh my gosh I am so behind on these.


-Finish collecting cosplay stuff holy crap Aki-con is looming.
-Cut and style the Yuki wig.
-Also do homework or something.


Post a kigurumi cosplay of your Favourite anime characterCollapse )

Favourite tsundereCollapse )

Something moeCollapse )

Mandatory swimsuit postCollapse )

Favourite shoujo animeCollapse )


...Collapse )


[Shrugs again.]

[Collects candy.]
Though, to be sure, you can still ask for candy because collecting them is actually really fun!

Got my wig for the Yuki outfit and a skirt for my Halloween outfit! That means I've got:

Halloween Costume:
Shoes? (Probably going to grab something from home...)

Yuki Nagato (rocker outfit):
Wig (Unstyled, though I've got hair spray for it.)
Jacket (Not altered yet...)

And then there was a meme.

Current (or most recent) anime wallpaperCollapse )

Post a cute Neko-girlCollapse )

Uguu desu desu kira

May I ask that everyone please listend fro a bit uguu~ ._.

Please I jsuts realaly cna't hold tish bkac any longer uguu~ >_<

Prof and I eloped like a weke ago and have been hiding it from eberyone uguu~ >_>;;

Please rleaslize aslo that Siz comes up with the worst drares uguu~ x_x;

I reccommend sdlomh jrt gpt s treat uguu~ e_e;

Darn you Sheepy uguu~ x_<;;

Also as per AOP's drae Dani so manry uguu~ *o*

Please excues me as I clolect all teh canyd I've eraned uguu~ >3
Trick or Treat game! (Stolen from everyone)

1 ★ Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special since it's self-representative.

2 ★ Make a post with the subject "trick or treat?". Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.

3 ★ Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat". If you reply with "trick", they will give you an LJ dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy.

4 ★ List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection!

MY CANDY (the one you do a dare or ask for a treat!):


Here.Collapse )

Three in one meme!

Happy please?

Back from the retreat, obviously! It was... interesting. Everyone, without exception, thought the rooms were like being in an insane asylum. Seriously. Old hospital cots with chipped paint, cracked white washed walls, one large sealed off window that you couldn't get the blinds to budge on... I gotta say, I was really glad to have chosen to share a room with a friend, because I'm not entirely sure I would have been able to fall asleep in one of the single rooms.

But still, it was fun. We had to draw as part of our assignments. Five landscape pictures from the same spot, just looking in a different direction to create a panorama type thing and two detailed pictures of something smaller scale. The landscapes were fun and came out sketchy and somewhat vague in an attempt to avoid having to do too much detail. The detailed pictures came out crappy because how do you shot three dimensional drawings. On the bright side, I'm forced to draw these pictures, so hopefully I will learn (or at least get a little better at) these things!

Kind of wish I'd been smart enough to actually go to bed on time, but it's surprisingly easy to get carried away with fangirling. But hey, I have a friend who I can talk all night about Alive/Gakuen Alice/Ouran/VARIOUS OTHER SERIES and also original stories and stuff, so that makes it better somehow. We're also both night owls so that does not help us at all pfffft

Also Bakuman anime is cute and you guys should go watch it.

Also also Tegami Bachi: Reverse anime is looking like it will be getting pretty far into plottings judging by the characters who are showing up in the OP/ED so I am looking forwards to that!

Anyway, meme-ing time!

Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were) and Most annoying anime characterCollapse )

Anime I'm Ashamed to Enjoy

This was actually really hard to come up with, not because S-SO EMBARRASSING but... because I don't really get embarrassed for liking the series I like? All the series I like because they're cool =\ In the end, I had to break my self imposed "animated series only" rule and go with...

The Manga I'm Ashamed to EnjoyCollapse )

Anime crush

I've more or less grown out of this, so I guess I'll just... pick one of my favorite male characters that isn't insane and could actually treat a girl right?

My anime 'crush'Collapse )

Day Two

So I've been getting absolutely spammed with Evergreen e-mails, but apparently I missed the one about the Internet getting turned off tonight. THANKS A LOT LIFE.

Anyway, if you guys didn't see this one coming, I will laugh. Lots. And lots and lots.

Favorite anime watched so farCollapse )

It's 2:40 AM and Dani is being stupid

So according to Wikipedia, Lag and little!Ginko have the same voice.

Cue Dani drawing stupid things.Collapse )

Why am I not sleeping right now.

Procrastination = meme

I've still got a few minutes before I super totally have to work on homework, so let's waste them on memes! Both stolen from the same person, coincidentally.

"If I were in your fandom, who could you see me playing?"

Straightforwards, right? You get bonus points if you can name a character that isn't horribly moe but still believable for me to play.

And then there was a 30 Day Anime MemeCollapse )


So I finally got to attend workshops! Those were cool.

Unfortunately, I also got a bunch of homework to do. That's not so cool.

Also all that homework meant I couldn't visit my friend today.

But then I got a stomach ache out of nowhere and slept it off for two hours so I still have yet to write/draw any of my homework.

And reading To The Lighthouse is just not going too well either because HOLY CRAPTON OF CHARACTERS.

Getting a little burnt out on the RP front despite really wanting to RP. Man, at this rate, I might just need to hiatus =|

*Scoots off to work on 30 3D box drawings*


College Life!

Moved into the dorms at Evergreen. It's been two days, and it's pretty cool so far. Classes haven't started yet so for now I'm learning the layout of the place and trying to remember as many names and faces as possible! It's. Kind of failing. But whatever.

Getting used to the whole cafeteria food thing. Surprisingly, their food is quite good! I'm also told they serve pho sometimes. Mmmm pho. Probably won't be anything close to authentic, but it's still cool that they try to serve it.

Also, roommate! She's cool. She's really nice, and we seem to get along, so hopefully that can continue throughout the year. Suitemates are equally cool, so I think all in all I was pretty lucky in the room draw.

Classes start next week...! I had to get a bunch of art supplies. I can't wait to use them~ I've got a set of pastels now, and a freaking huge sketchbook. I attended a little class preview thing and apparently the schedule is not actually 9-5, but more like... times/meeting rooms always changing. It's looking like I'll just have to check the class site every week or so and write down the times/meeting places. Ahhh, kind of wish I had a planner now...

I'm a little sad that my side of the room is so... empty, but I can always fix that when I go home for a visit. I'll just have to bring random posters and stuff then =X

More Memes Must Move

The How's My Driving? Meme

Also, the icon meme thing:

Go to my userpics and then pick:

01. Your favorite.
02. One that makes you automatically think of me.
03. One that you think I should TOTALLY use more often.
04. One that you don't get/needs more explanation/etc.

Moving moving moving tomorrow. Which means packing packing packing today. Meeeep. Also EVERGREEN STOP SENDING ME IMPORTANT INFO THE DAY BEFORE WE MOVE IN.

PAX report!

Because I need to do these things soon after or I'm gonna forget.

-Got there around noon sometime later because Light Rail parking was lame and full.
-Went to the expo hall after collecting swag! There was quite a bit. Most of it got tossed out because Dani doesn't do cardgames, but still!
-Went to the Nintendo booth because gee I wonder why. They had a demo! In fact, they had two demos!
-...But I only played one because people were gathering behind me and I felt bad about making them wait while I played both of them. So for Friday, I just did the Adventure demo which involved using Psynergy on the field, in this case Move and Fireball. Yes. Fireball. Also there was a 5 minute time limit that was slightly scary because I didn't know what the hell I was doing in some parts but I still managed to finish with 2 minutes or so left, so it's all good!
-Checked out the rest of the exhibition hall, ran around getting pins for Allan's contest (he got a shirt), managed to somehow miss one side of the hall entirely. After Golden Sun, I didn't care too much, so that is also all good.
-Slept in the handheld lounge.
-Played games in the console freeplay. And by games I mean Disgaea 3 (made it to the 2nd tutorial stage before I was kicked off) and Tales of Vesperia (which was more like Allan playing while I waited for a character to join the team so I could play. We never made it).
-Ran around completing tasks for another contest that I didn't end up finishing. Got fried by a dragon because I messed up my saving throw, had to recount the Konami Code, watched a panel, aaaand... I kind of want to say there were other tasks but I forget and am too lazy to check.
-Played We Didn't Playtest This, Either.

-Returned to the Nintendo booth to play that second demo for Golden Sun! It was a battle demo and really easy. Karis looks like a very useful healer on accounts of being a super speedy Jupiter adept and also healing everyone in one shot Psynergy.
-Played a bit of Dragon Quest. It was in vain, however, as they ran out of the slime bags I played for. Yeah, I'm shallow, shut up.
-Met up with a friend and walked around the exposition hall and tried out Sengoku Basara. I managed to not die better than said friend, and it was full of crowd slaying goodness.
-Met up with some friends and ate lunch. One of those friends dressed as Roark and was acting as a "gym leader" for people to challenge for badges. He was undefeated except for one guy who had a Mewtwo, which he still managed to take down using all rock-types. Eventually. I get the feeling he crushed a lot of hopes at PAX...
-Played more Disgaea! From the start. Because obviously I can't save. Made it to the part with the title switching before I was kicked off because yaaaay scene skipping. Want to play that game. So bad. ;-;
-Hung out in the handheld lounge some more! Also fell asleep again because that's what happens when you are sitting in a beanbag chair for an extended period of time. Played Ace Attorney 1 and still didn't manage to actually beat it.
-Played Werewolf with a group! I was a werewolf and killed lots of villagers =X; I think I was also the only one who avoided verbal accusation entirely because nobody suspects the girl with the rabbit plushie. Allan, who was a villager, was targeted by the other players from the start because he smirks suspiciously. It was funny!

-Ran to the Nintendo booth and got that slime bag. Also a Kirby patch! Both are adorable.
-Signed up as extras for a game called March 23rd by Chromed. As in, they filmed us so they could use our silhouettes as background characters (all the characters being silhouettes anyway).
-Attended X-Play panel! It was fun, except I don't watch the show so I was admittedly a bit lost at parts. But they were funny so it didn't bother me much.
-Went to lunch with everyone! Everyone being Void, Sheepy, Dessa, Ayame, Prof, and Eric. Also Maru. And another person who doesn't have LJ. Oh and Allan I guess.
-Went to the handheld lounge and, shockingly enough, fell asleep. Yes. I fell asleep all three days at the same place. Shush.

The end!


Life is being a good life! For now.

Evergreen finally posted up fall quarter class schedules! Mine looks something like the following:

Sunday: No classes.
Monday: Art, Time, and Narrative 9:00AM-5:00PM
Tuesday: Art, Time, and Narrative 9:00AM-5:00PM
Wednesday: Art, Time, and Narrative 9:00AM-5:00PM
Thursday: Art, Time, and Narrative 9:00AM-5:00PM
Friday: Art, Time, and Narrative 9:00AM-5:00PM
Saturday: No classes.

So... it's like I'm in high school still, except I've only got to report to the same classroom every weekday and we learn a bunch of stuff related to telling stories using various media as well as learning art history, etc. I approve! The other option which I was nearly signed up for but sorted out would have been a class with less hours about Japanese gender and culture which would have been fascinating but also not quite what I really want to focus my studies on. Also my third choice had I not gotten into Art, Time, and Narrative OR another art class that focused on art inspired by the outdoors. Stiiill not entirely sure how that happened but hey, it worked out!

Got a bank account and a debit card...! Because I actually have spending money now. I get the feeling a lot of it will go towards gifts inevitably around Christmas but... I'll probably try to limit myself to a certain amount a month so I don't burn through it too quickly. Still exciting though!

Various other convention related things going on. Gonna go to PAX~! Super duper hoping for a Golden Sun demo. If they don't have it, I'll... well, I won't cry because OOOH PRETTY LIGHTS and other distractions, but I will definitely be disappointed by the end of it all. Still need to do Aki-con stuff... I think that will probably plague my entries from now until right before the actual convention. I need to get things organized and figure out what I'm doing there ahhhhhh. Thankfully I know what my school schedule is like, so this will help me know what all I can do somewhat.

I should. Probably go tag people back. Yeah, that sounds like a plan...
So I guess I'll be home on the 29th of November briefly or something.


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn


In other news, why did this have to get canceled? Stupid economy stupid sucking everywhere.

Tegami Bachi 3 comes out September! Hopefully volume 4 will come out sometime sooner than in like 6 months because Viz makes me die a little inside when they do that. Second season of the anime is also coming out during the fall season so I'll probably watch that even though the first season was fillery and not all too impressive especially on the art front. Um. Hopefully they have a bigger budget and can do prettier things now? Probably not...

And another!

Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

Ffff Alive why

I think everyone should go read Alive: The Final Evolution right now.


Because the fights are epic. Especially what I am pretty darn sure is the final one.

Ahhhhhhh why isn't it all scanlated yet sob.

EDIT: Have I mentioned lately that I love my friends? Because I really seriously do.



Yeah my reason for redoing that was. Kind of. Really dumb.

Clicking on the image takes you to a magical place where you can view the fullsize because that picture is really dang big. Or you can go to Deviantart and download to fullview.

God I hate Golden Sun character designs. They are just. Waaaaay too complicated. Layers upon layers upon layers of clothes how do you not pass out from wearing all that stuff.

I also determined Garet's hair looks stupid no matter what.

Hey look it's almost 4AM

*Totters off to sleep*



In other news, job! I have it! It's from 8-5 and a two hour ride to actually get there so it's more like me waking up at 5:30 and getting home at 7~7:30!

It sucks.

But it also gives me money and that's always cool. Hopefully I can master the art of talking on the phone because it is surprisingly difficult when a bunch of people are calling at once and ahhhhhh.

Two weeks. Let's see if I can survive...

I should be sleeping 'cause I'm tired.

So it figures that I finish reading Natsume's Book of Friends (aka Natsume Yuujinchou) and start looking for icons for the main character because HEY you can never RP too many kids who see spirits'n things when I find out that:

1. It's obscure (well, duh).

2. This means that the icons are mostly from the anime.

3. The anime changed his hair and eye color randomly.

Which makes me sad because he appears to have silver hair and green eyes in the manga. And I personally think it's funny since the whole series is basically just him running into problems with youkai that he can see and trying to fix them/not get eaten. Which, y'know. Could be a cool parallel with that one series or something.


Went to Torchlight today yesterday! It's a 2 mile parade of awesome parade-y goodness in Seattle that goes through the city and is filled with dragon dances, various Asian drill teams, Alaska Airline drill teams (snerk), high school bands (such as my previous high school, whom I stalked for half the parade), the Seafair Pirates (since the parade marks the end of all the Seafair parades, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm too sleepy to list. It was cool to watch from the sidelines for once, because I was always in summer band and therefore kinda... actually in it. And on TV sometimes because of it, but well.

It disturbs me mildly that I can't seem to walk normally when following the band, because I'm so used to marching still... Like, even when I'm walking, I'm still stepping on the beat. Possibly with the wrong foot on the wrong beat, but nonetheless, I can't stop walking to the music. I can't even break out of the habit unless I'm making a conscious effort. Why couldn't it have been that easy when I was actually, you know, in band?

Also it's like 3:30AM and the Internet is boring so I suppose I'll finally give up and hit the hay now. Yaaaaaay pointless entries.

Video games why

Guide Dang it indeed. Looks like I'll be playing Atelier Annie a third time because I didn't get all the necessary character events, and have long since gotten past the point of being able to do so.

Auuuuugh I guess I'll just alchemize everything in advanced this time because hey, 7 in game months where I basically just sit around and wait for the contest to end so I can get my second-best ending.

In other news I should probably work on commissions because I'm apparently getting them from family and friends now. Cool!
The How's My Driving? Meme


Cosplay antics

Because we can't seem to go for too long without coming up with new shiny awesome cosplay ideas.

Poll #1593618 Who to Cosplay?

Who should Dani and Allan cosplay as?


Cooro has apple!

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