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Dani's Hideout



Name: Dani
Age: 18

Kind of rambly. Friendly but not all that interesting. Especially because of memes. There are far too many memes. A bit of a fangirl, but hopefully not too much. Lover of sweet things, be it foods or series or art. Also dark humor apparently, but that's less important.
Roleplay and plurk have consumed my life. Also anime and video games, on a lesser scale.

Currently obsessed with Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee among other things. Still a big fan of +Anima and Hibiki's Magic. Apparently into the obscure, which kind of sucks. Will happily discuss any of my fandoms with anyone who wants to have their ears talked off ♥

Friend me if you like, or not. If we've spoken before, tell me and I'll friend you right back (:

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